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About Us

Making Experienced Legal Representation More Accessible

We founded Origin Law with a commitment to making competent, responsive, and transparent legal services more accessible. By combining time-tested expertise, smart organization and uncompromising dedication to our clients, we provide a modern client-service experience that caters to the needs of global-minded individuals and organizations.

about us
01Abundance of Expertise

Because our team of attorneys combines a wealth of deep and diverse professional experience, we can craft creative solutions to even the most challenging problems while also resolving routine issues with artful efficiency. Our attorneys are seasoned practitioners with long, successful track records representing clients from all corners of the world and serving businesses in nearly every industry. We apply our collective expertise in every engagement to offer our clients the most comprehensive range of options.

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02Responsive Client Support

At Origin Law, the client experience is paramount. Our legal services are delivered with due consideration of each client’s individual needs and time frames. This means we promptly respond to your calls or emails and give you proactive updates throughout the full course of our representation. We apply internal deadlines and tailored schedules to best accommodate the needs of each client, and by utilizing intuitive technologies for case management and communication, we ensure that our support is always convenient and accessible.

about us
03Cost-Effective Solutions

By augmenting proven legal expertise with agile organizational practices, we are able to offer superior legal services at accessible rates. Most importantly, our fee structures are transparent and predictable. Nearly all elements of our representation are billed using a stable Flat-Fee structure, which means you know exactly what the fees and expenses will be before committing to an engagement.

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